Dysphagia Training for Staff in Special Schools

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This training is designed to support early years and mainstream school settings to develop a basic understanding of eating and drinking difficulties. It should be accessed alongside child specific training around individual children’s eating and drinking guidelines to enable staff to safely support the eating and drinking needs of specific children in setting.

Session Aims
Typical Development of Eating and Drinking
Stages of Swallow
What is Dysphagia?
Who is at increased risk of Dysphagia?
Signs of Difficulty with Eating and Drinking
What can Dysphagia cause?
The Management of Dysphagia
Texture Modification
Fluid Modification
Food Modification
Food and Fluid Modification
Flavours and Tasters
Transitional Foods
Environmental Adaptations
Role of the Mealtime Partner

45 minutes


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girl eating healthy diet