Enteral Feeding Awareness Training

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Enteral Feeding Awareness

This training is for staff supporting a child who has an enteral feeding requirement. You will learn what this entails and about nasogastric, gastrostomy and jejunostomy tubes. You will be shown demonstration videos on how to use these devices and understand the principles of priming, flushing, bolus feeding and pump feeding. Practical training with a nurse will be scheduled after you have watched the video then you will need to complete competencies for each child you will be supporting.

Please ensure you are in a quiet space free from any distractions to watch this video.

Theorical Knowledge:
– Understanding of enteral feeding
– Rationale for enteral feeding
– Digestive tract
– Types of feeding tubes

Practical Skills:
– Priming
– Flushing
– Bolus feeding
– Pump feeding
– Trouble-shooting

60 minutes



£5.00 + VAT