What to expect from an Audiology appointment

audiologist placing earphones on childs head

Each audiology appointment normally lasts for up to thirty minutes and will begin with a history taking of the concerns regarding the child’s hearing.

The child’s hearing will then be tested using developmental age appropriate testing. The audiologist will also look in the child’s ears and perform a test to check whether they have Glue Ear.

The audiologist will then explain the results of the assessment and an appropriate plan will be discussed and decided upon with you. Dependent on the results, some children will need further monitoring, others may need a referral to our local Ear, Nose and Throat team for appropriate management and treatment and other children may be able to be discharged if hearing levels are within the normal range.

To help prepare the child for their visit to our Audiology clinic, please show them our “Getting your hearing checked” section where they can learn about the different tests and games we do.

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