• Positioning: Prior to starting handwriting, it is important that your child is sitting in the correct position. The ideal position will be with your child’s feet flat on the floor or on a stable surface with their back and legs supported by the chair at a 90 degree angle. The paper should be positioned on the side of the writing hand with the supporting hand stabilising this.
  • Difficulties with pencil grasp: The ideal pencil grasp is a tripod grasp. Ways to promote this include trialling different pencil grips, using short chunky pencils, using very small pieces of chalk. 
  • Positioning of writing on the lines: It may be beneficial to use darker lines when writing, practice drawing over the lines with a black pen to provide a visual cue.
  • Letter formation: Using a multi-sensory approach including: writing in rice, sand, foam, water, chalk and paint. Tracing over formed letters can be useful and reciting verbal phrases to reinforce direction of formation.

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