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These activites below will help your help your child develop the movement needed to wipe themselves when toileting.


Initially practice in standing and then progress to sitting on a chair before sitting on a toilet.


  • Place pegs onto your child’s clothing on the right and left side and encourage them to reach to the left side using their right hand and vice versa to retrieve the pegs. Lower the position of the pegs to the top of the trousers and then gradually lower to simulate the reach required.
  • When sitting, place water on your child’s lower back (on the skin) and encourage them to wipe this.
  • Put on an all over painting apron and then spread paint/food spreads (marmite, chocolate spread, peanut butter, ketchup) and ask them to wipe this off until it is clean.
  • Place small beanbags or flannels in top of trousers and encourage your child to retrieve this.
  • Practice folding toilet roll into the correct position for them to be able to grasp this and reach back.
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