Orthotics Clinics

If your child needs assessing for more supportive footwear, insoles or splints to help support their foot position, they may be invited to our orthotics clinic, which is held fortnightly at Stapleford house. For more information on the different types of support we may consider for a child’s foot please click here. (Page in development)

The clinic is run jointly by one of our physiotherapists and an orthotist from an external company. Assessment appointments can last between 20 and 40 minutes and we will usually look at your child’s feet, feel how they move and watch how your child stands and walks if they are able. It is useful to bring a pair of shoes your child has worn for a while and also any other splints or insoles that your child is currently, or has recently, been prescribed.

If your child requires insoles to be made for them, they will be asked to place their bare feet into foam box, in order to take an impression of their foot shape and contours. The orthotist will help them to do this and they will only have their foot in the foam for a few seconds.

If you child requires more supportive splints, we may use wet plaster bandages to wrap around your child’s foot and lower leg, which will stay in place for a few minutes, whilst they harden to form a cast. The cast is then cut off your child’s leg and this is what the factory will use to make bespoke splints for your child.

Our orthotists are very used to working with children when performing these tasks and neither of these activities will hurt, although some children may find them strange the first time we do them. It is useful if you are able to bring a favourite toy, tablet or snack to distract your child with. As the casting process can be messy, we would advise your child wears loose fitting clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Your orthoses will then be made to order in a factory, especially for your child’s foot and can take 2-3 weeks to arrive back in clinic. When your child’s orthoses arrive, they will be booked into the next available clinic to have them fitted. If your child requires supportive boots and they have used them before, these will be ordered and you will be notified when they arrive, so that you can collect them from Stapleford house. These usually do not require an additional appointment to fit them.

For more information on how to put on a child’s AFO and check it fits ok, please click here.

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