Information on Wax

young boy with otoscope in ear by doctor

Wax is a naturally occurring substance found in our ear canals. Wax is important in protecting our ears from dust, dirt and bacteria which helps prevent infections.

How to manage wax

  • If wax is not causing a problem, for example hearing loss or pain, then it is best for it to be left alone.
  • If you notice wax on the outside of the child’s ear then it is best to simply wipe it away with a clean flannel.
  • Do not use cotton buds or any other items to try and remove the wax from inside the ear.
  • Consider using olive oil drops to try and soften the wax and encourage it to come out by itself.

In some instances, for example if the wax is causing hearing loss or pain, the Audiologist may advise that the child gets the wax removed by Microsuction. If this is the case, the Audiologist may be able to arrange a referral to our Specialist Microsuction Nurse.

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