Last Updated on 25 June 2021 by Jordan Franklin

Most of our deployed staff have now returned to children’s services and we will be restoring our services over the coming months following their partial suspension. As you will appreciate, we have a large backlog of work due to the recent Covid suspensions and our staff will be working hard to review all children as soon as they can. Services will be prioritising their caseloads and you will be contacted when we are able to offer your child an appointment.

In addition to our current service provision, during the month of April we will also be:

  • Offering speech therapy assessments for those children who are currently on our waiting list
  • Offering physiotherapy appointments to children under two years old on our caseload
  • Starting to offer occupational therapy assessments to those children who are currently on our waiting lists
  • Restarting our audiology service for hearing assessments