Last Updated on 2 November 2022 by Brogan Lambert

#AskAboutAsthma is back for 2022. The campaign is about making simple changes to children and young people’s care that will make a big difference to how they experience their asthma:

  1. get an asthma action plan in place
  2. understand how to use inhalers correctly
  3. schedule an asthma review – every year and after every attack
  4. consider air pollution and its impact on lung health – we want to ensure that every asthma conversation considers indoor and outdoor air pollution.

This year the campaign highlights the additional challenges caused by inequalities in care for children and young people with asthma and how these can be addressed.

Please help share the message to get even more people involved and informed to #AskAboutAsthma.

Visit for more information and support on asthma.